Canberra Based CoverBand....

Combining Dresden Dolls covers with Burlesque = Getting Undresdened

THe Undresden Dolls

The Undresden Dolls (led by InkBits and Jazida) are a Canberra based band translating songs into performance art pieces.

Combining their musical talents with their grounding in arts, theatre and dance. This dynamic group craft spectacles for more than just the ears...

With a wide repertoire of Dresden Doll covers and several other fun numbers (ranging from musical theatre to rap), the Undresden Dolls will captivate you... Their unique interactive performance style has seen them perform together at sold out productions such as Music and Mayhem (Canberra), Red Light Confidential (Sydney), Mondayitis (Canberra), Alternative and Moist (Canberra) and Glamour and Moist (Canberra)

Annie Linklater says "The punk Cabaret combo of Jazida and Inkbits. Both dressed like a businessman fired through a circus cannon with the attitude of a comet crashing to earth."

Music and Mayhem

Jazida and InkBits produce Music and Mayhem, which is a 2 hour production filled with a variety of performances and featured interstate guest performers.

The next Music and Mayhem show will be held on 5 November at the White Eagles Polish Club in Canberra.

Home page photographs of the Undresden Dolls by Kage Baker of Shot N Kaged Photography